We have helped thousands of phimosis sufferers find relief over the years, and we continue to provide effective at-home tools offering results that will last a lifetime.
Read what some of our customers have to say about using Glansie, and the relief they have received as a result.*

"This product is effective.... Curing phimosis the natural way takes time.
In that respect, you can compare this tool to that of an exercise machine."
—Yuma S JPN

"I felt pain from phimosis, but Glansie really helped relieve me from the symptoms.
I could cure my phimosis naturally.
I am very lucky to met Glansie. Ank it was very good that I did not choose the surgery."
—Martin C NY

"Glansie was certainly useful for helping me overcome phimosis.
I was determined to get rid of the condition, and thanks to this tool, my foreskin is much more flexible than before."
—Thomas A TX

"The product arrived quickly, and it's so easy to use I started immediately.
I was able to stretch the skin 1 cm after only 4 days. I will continue to use it!"
—Henry W NC

"I used Glansie regularly, and really began to see impressive results in 10 days."
—Robert C CA

*Results will vary on an individual basis.